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(1)先敝开机箱电源开关,接着访问计算机硬件,经营考查小东西,放在心上观查运营办好平台灯不以定帧率一闪一闪,以检在平台系统不工作的中任何健康。(1) First turn on the power supply of the chassis, then turn on the computer, run the test, and pay attention to whether the lights of the operation and maintenance management system flash at a fixed frequency to check whether everything is normal in the system software.(2)反定位滑动耐压汽体气瓶总闸阀,之后顺时针逆时针定位调节输出电压压阀至0.4mpao(2) Roll the main gate valve of the gas cylinder in the reverse direction, and then adjust the output pressure valve clockwise to 0.4mpao(3)用专业型采样系统器拆下可以的试件3个,陆陆续续在低信增大海底遗迹机检伤害,试件边边应无装裂缝及刮痕,试件表面整平无刮伤无弄坏。(3) Take down 3 required test pieces with a special sampler, and then check the wound on the low signal transformer earth bottom. The edge of the test piece shall be free of installation gaps and scars, and the surface of the test piece shall be leveled without scratches and damage.(4)按Gb2918调节标准接口测试题的温度表绝对湿度,时光许多于4钟头。(4) Adjust the temperature and humidity of the interface test according to gb2918, and the time shall not be less than 4 hours.(5)将选择好的试件放人的测量腔台,逐一陈列,可以遮盖住的测量。金属硬彩盒装原料料和好型生产制作方法及机机械。腔边部,然后盖紧的测量腔上腔,扭紧摇杆卡紧试件。(5) Put the selected test pieces on the test chamber table and place them one after another to completely cover the test. Composite processing technology and machine equipment for plastic flexible packaging raw materials. The surface layer of the cavity, then cover the upper cavity of the detection cavity, tighten the rocker and clamp the test piece.(6)在PC我的电脑主屏上点两下“客讯息人设”键,输人相对的应的功能性数据(b)试件薄厚、测量时候)、点两下“存盘撤出”键。(6) Click the "customer information setting" button on the main screen of the computer, input the corresponding functional parameters (b) specimen thickness and measurement time) and click the "save and withdraw" button.

(7)在电子产品显出屏上点下面“做实验的时候”键,医疗仪器机进一步做实验的时候。(7) Click the "test" button on the computer display screen to test the instrument and equipment step by step.(8)在验测方法步骤中中,不行离去仪器仪器仪器,细致统计电子设备上苹果六手机屏上出现的经过多次实验发现直线图,当直线图的直线线组成部分超出范围苹果六手机电脑软件设置成的-大格横地理坐标轴领域时,标记经过多次实验发现数据资料消息已近于零平稳性,能够完毕经过多次实验发现,点了解“消停”键,消停经过多次实验发现。(8) In the whole process of testing, do not leave the instrument and equipment, and carefully investigate the test curve displayed on the screen of the computer. When part of the parallel lines of the curve exceeds the range of - large grid abscissa axis set by the mobile phone software, it indicates that the test data information has become stable and can end the test. Click the "stop" button to stop the test.(9)软件系统活跃弹窗来测验题评估报告,记录查询实验室检测数值问题,点看“存贮”键交还主屏。(9) The system will pop up the test report, record the test data and information, and click the "save" button to return it to the main screen.(10)旋撒手柄敞开式的检测上腔拿下试件拆换迅猛定量分析滤膜和试件,重新具体步骤(6)、(7)、(8)、(9)、最后拉伸试验报告。(10) Rotate and release the handle to open the upper chamber for detection, remove the test piece, replace the quick quantitative filter paper and test piece, repeat the process (6), (7), (8) and (9) and unfold the test again.往上即使为同学们的介召的相关联潍坊订制调味品纸盒塑料袋的详细介召的的介召,渴望对您有一些·关心.比如您有啥困惑的,追捧认识我.我将以靠谱的表态,为您带来了售后服务http://gvsea.comThe above is the detailed introduction about Jinan customized food packaging bags. I hope it will help you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide you with services with a professional attitude