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复合膜塑料袋图案印刷较为复杂,所以刷印的效果 直接应响到塑料的质量,图案的印刷的效果又和版一直接的关系,所以一定要选择技术 和质量较好的制版厂来完成制版,以免给以后的塑料印刷造成一些麻烦,聚乙烯袋子印 刷较为简单,吹膜则为生产过程中重中之重,在调整膜的规格如宽度和膜厚度有较强的 技术性,如果卡不好这一关有可能造成膜薄导制检验为不合格产品或吹的过厚刚会赔掉 过厚部分料的钱。吹膜生产所用的机器也效为简单,现在复合袋所用的机器大多都为全 电脑控制的,所以是精度都比较高,聚乙烯袋和复合袋不仅是生产机器上有有大的差异 ,就是材料和所用油墨也不相同,聚乙烯袋大都便用表印油墨,复合袋则用里印油墨, 复合袋是先印刷后再复膜,所以油墨在几层膜的中间,装食品时油墨不会污染到食品, 当然塑料印刷当中因为客户那么专业,其中水份也很大,比如有一些塑料厂做抽真空袋 ,他们则选用了PE共挤膜这样成本是减少了很多,但是效果远远比不上尼龙

The pattern printing of composite film plastic bags is relatively complicated, so the effect of brushing directly affects the quality of the plastic. The effect of pattern printing is closely related to the plate. Therefore, it is necessary to select a plate making factory with better technology and quality to complete the plate making, so as to avoid causing some trouble to the plastic printing in the future. The printing of polyethylene bags is relatively simple, and film blowing is the most important in the production process, There is a strong technicality in adjusting the specifications of the film, such as the width and the thickness of the film. If the card is not properly stuck, it may cause the film thin guide inspection to be unqualified products or the blown film is too thick, and the money of the excessively thick material will be lost. The machines used for film blowing production are also simple. Most of the machines used for composite bags are controlled by computers, so the accuracy is relatively high. Polyethylene bags and composite bags are not only different in production machines, but also different in materials and inks. Most polyethylene bags use surface printing ink, while composite bags use inner printing ink. Composite bags are printed first and then laminated, so the ink is in the middle of several layers of films, The ink will not pollute the food when the food is loaded. Of course, because the customers are so professional in plastic printing, the water content is also very large. For example, some plastic factories make vacuum bags, and they use PE coextrusion film, which reduces the cost a lot, but the effect is far less than that of nylon


There may be many problems such as air leakage during use. The pet transfer film is used as the raw material for the production of PET plastic bags, so the air tightness is not so good. The bags filled with light air may leak, and the thickness may not reach the thickness ordered by the customer, or there may be differences in the material. Therefore, the customer should also know some professional knowledge about plastic packaging materials and know the processing process of plastic bags, We can have a better understanding of plastic bag processing.


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