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Plastic bags are very common in life and are often used by people. However, some plastic bags have peculiar smell. How to remove the peculiar smell? Next, let the staff of Chien plastics share with you what to do if the plastic bag has a bad smell?


1. The design of printing pattern should select less color and monochrome elements, and try to avoid the printing pattern with solid background and full plate. If necessary, you can choose printing ink, but do not use surface printing ink with strong smell. Do not use high boiling point solvents containing impurities, such as tar benzene, mixed benzene and recovered solvents; Composite do not use single component PS composite adhesive with high odor.


2. As for the inner film material selected for compounding, check whether it has odor. Do not use PE film with filler as the composite inner base material. In addition, we should try our best to improve the printing speed, reduce the viscosity of printing ink as much as possible, reduce the amount of ink, keep the ventilation of drying oven and workshop smooth, and reduce the residual ink and ink solvent to a low level.


The above is the detailed introduction about Jinan plastic bags. I hope it will help you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide you with services with a professional attitude