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的小编的做发是包含三商品类别,翻折好后区别装进有差异 的柳条筐中应急。柳条筐置放在门上室外楼梯下的楠竹地上。The practice of small weaving is divided into three categories, which are folded and put into different wicker baskets for standby. The wicker basket is placed on the bamboo frame under the stairs at the door.哪类:可看作百货店够物袋选用的包括来原:从美廉美、物美、家乐福便利店、家乐福等小型百货店获得的大号够物袋,当中好、无已经破损的包装袋。Class I: it can be used as the main source of supermarket shopping bags: large shopping bags obtained from meilianmei, Wumart, Wal Mart, Carrefour and other large supermarkets, including clean and undamaged bags.二级:可当做废品袋施用的最主要渠道:1、魔幻杂货店的中号商城袋,亦或大号商城袋中感有污损处的——当做正规废品袋套在废品桶里施用。Class II: the main sources that can be used as garbage bags: 1. Medium sized shopping bags in large supermarkets, or slightly soiled parts in large shopping bags - used as conventional garbage bags in garbage cans.


2. Small plastic bags obtained from large supermarkets, vegetable markets, fruit stalls, fast-food chains and convenience stores are used when cleaning up the residual food soup after meals. (Note: if the residual food soup is directly poured into the dishwasher, the pipe will be blocked in the heavy, and it will be troublesome to take care of in the light; if it is directly poured into the garbage bag of the garbage can, it will leak accidentally and dirty the garbage can. However, if it is poured into a small plastic bag, tied, and then put into the garbage bag of the garbage can, it can avoid leakage and keep the garbage can clean. If the garbage can is not full, the small garbage containing the residual food soup can be Throw away the bag directly. This will save the use of large garbage bags)三大类:可对于置物袋带上出门的最主要收入:买衬衫、衣服、彩妆品、家用电器等厂品时得出的可朔料袋,通畅更加自然——出门时就能够用于搭建不太足的事物(表示动作的词说去瑜伽健身会所时,就能够用于装换穿的行动衣、帕子、小锁头等;差旅费、出行时,往随身后备箱里放上几,的准备用于厨房收纳想要拿出门洗的丝袜、内衣内裤以其其它衣服等)Category III: it can be used as the main source of carrying bags out: plastic bags obtained when buying clothes, shoes, cosmetics, household appliances and other products, Usually beautiful - it can be used to place less heavy items when going out (for example, when going to the gym, it can be used to put sportswear, towels, small locks, etc.; when going on business or travel, put a few in the suitcase to store socks, underwear and other clothes that need to be washed at home)


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