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塑胶片设计袋是以分解成或天然水的好的成绩子光敏树脂为主要资源。增长很多塑料添加剂后,在必定会的体温和压力差下拥有突出主题性,放凉后可能固定住其外型的哪类资源。Plastic packaging bag is based on the composition or natural polymer resin as the primary information. After adding various additives, it has ductility under certain temperature and pressure, and its shape can be fixed after cooling.天然植物或根据100原子硅胶粘合剂原子在熔融动态下,且周边不光滑的占比促进剂原子的的线程池叫塑化,早期到达了这点的线程池叫早期塑化了,还是找不到有到达,被认同是找不到塑化。When the natural or constituent polymer resin molecules are in the molten state and the auxiliary molecules are evenly distributed nearby, the process is called plasticization. If this process is reached in the early years, it is called early plasticization. If it has not arrived yet, it is considered that there is no plasticization.可塑胶片内外产品彩盒机而且目前是二位内产品彩盒机文件,其适合面还步入纸及纸壳的内产品彩盒机。仅是可塑胶片进口真空内产品彩盒机业每一年的按5%的强度在打开微信,而其余可塑胶片文件,以及纸及纸壳,金属制,玻璃板,陶砙,麻棉等只以2%的强度在获取。Of course, plastic bags are now second-class packaging materials, and their applicability is not as good as paper and paperboard packaging. However, the plastic vacuum packaging industry is opening at a rate of 5% every year, while other plastic materials, including paper and paperboard, metal, glass, pottery, linen and cotton, are only added at a rate of 2%.


Usually when we buy food, we always see that many vegetables are sealed in plastic bags. This is to prevent vegetables from rotting. Then we can buy some vegetables, buy some vegetables.

删去余量的青菜,后后再吃。若果天气状况很冷,是可以放二三天,但夏天的时候无冰箱保鲜。Keep the remaining vegetables and eat them later. If the weather is very cold, you can put it for a day or two, but there is no refrigerator in summer.


At this point, plastic bags can come in handy. Don't touch some vegetables you haven't eaten, and then wrap them in plastic bags with old newspapers. Be careful not to tie them. The main features of plastic bags are:第一,导热系数小,比标准高,外标签印刷原材料率高,即每企业单位重量的外标签印刷量或外标签印刷体积大大小小是可能是二,大部分数塑胶板材袋更具优良的的耐化工性,优良的的耐强碱性,耐强碱和繁多有机溶剂。植物的根是可能长周期放入而不想氧化物。First of all, the density is small, the specific strength is high, and the packaging yield is high, that is, the packaging volume or packaging area per unit mass can be two. Most plastic bags have good chemical resistance, good acid resistance, alkali resistance and various solvents. They can be stored for a long time without oxidation.三,脱模可能,的需求的脱模水耗不低于钢等合金金属文件。3、 It is easy to form, and the required forming energy consumption is lower than that of metal materials such as steel.四,它享有充分的透明色度,不易显色。4、 It has good transparency and is easy to color.五,含有优良的难度,政府部门含量难度高,耐挑战,容易改良。5、 It has good strength, high strength per unit weight, impact resistance and easy modification.六,工作利润低。6、 Low processing cost.第7,绝缘性能性佳。Seventh, good insulation.


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