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Recycling of degradable plastic bags1.出产量太少,现如今短缺整体的大企业规模收回处里机制。举个简略的例,在济南做餐厨环境整治别的过程中,有许多群体扔餐厨没用的桶的过程中,会烦躁要把水果残留从餐厨没用的桶袋里抖完成,很加容易弄脏手。于是乎生态学体吸附性湿餐厨没用的桶袋逐渐火灾,用户想要生态学体吸附性餐厨没用的桶袋和湿餐厨没用的桶在一起丢到湿餐厨没用的桶桶。但餐厨没用的桶处里部飞速表示说,“可转换餐厨没用的桶袋”大的部分可转换,但有不可不可以转换,也毒害威害部分,会后果湿餐厨没用的桶的处里。另一个,本身餐厨没用的桶袋的转换时间比餐厅其他的餐厨没用的桶慢得多,不也处里,只能够最为干餐厨没用的桶焚烧秸秆处里。生态学体吸附橡胶可生态学体吸附,但这并不一味着网站收回处里的困苦,转换为拘束。1. The output is too small, and there is a lack of systematic large-scale recovery and treatment means at present. For a simple example, when sorting garbage in Shanghai, many people will be distressed to shake food residues out of garbage bags when throwing garbage, which is easy to get their hands dirty. Therefore, biodegradable wet garbage bags began to catch fire, and people hoped that biodegradable garbage bags and wet garbage would be thrown into the wet garbage can together. However, the waste disposal department quickly said that most of the "decomposable garbage bags" can be decomposed, but there are non decomposable, even toxic and harmful components, which will affect the treatment of wet garbage. In addition, the decomposition speed of this garbage bag is much slower than the garbage left in the kitchen. It cannot be treated at the same time and can only be incinerated as dry garbage. Biodegradable plastics can be biodegradable, but this does not mean that the difficulty of recycling is broken down into obstacles.

2.生态学分解成泡沫塑料不许管用收旧,进去垃圾站填埋处理场后,在无氧条件中分解成很大温室二氧化氮气体3354二氧化氮。2. Biodegradable plastics cannot be effectively recycled. After entering the landfill, they decompose a large amount of greenhouse gas 3354 methane in an oxygen free environment.3.菌物溶解橡胶不允许能够收废,加入浅海坏境后浅海溫度低,缺乏性可以的微菌物和二氧化氮,菌物溶解的效应很大程度上下降。考虑到不允许适时转化,等可转化橡胶在还未转化很久很有可能会对浅海菌物会造成的影响。3. Biodegradable plastics cannot be effectively recycled. After entering the marine environment, the ocean temperature is low, and there is a lack of sufficient microorganisms and oxygen, which greatly reduces the efficiency of biodegradation. Due to the failure to decompose in time, these biodegradable plastics are likely to cause harm to marine organisms before decomposition.


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