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接下来由保健食品包裝袋自定义企业点带您了解到:The following is a brief introduction from the customized food packaging manufacturer:食材袋构思时中,几个症状下伴随我是粗心高意影响制做的食材袋不齐整,假如截剪到花纹构思亦或者说文件,再亦或者说指导不是太好,配色切偏多齐全管理状况下是伴随些许构思中的不对确。.我在认定食材袋构思细则文章时要看看不少个小常识课助你制造食材标签印刷材质时一顺毕竟。In the process of food bag design, in many cases, the food bag made is not neat due to a little carelessness, such as cutting to the pattern design or text, or the connection is not very good. In a variety of cases, the color cutting deviation is due to some incorrect designs. We should pay attention to a lot of common sense when determining the draft of food bag design plan to help you customize food packaging materials.1、肉制品袋设置预案栏目上的圆形图案设置、txt文档等距离栽剪边沿必须1cm,预防栽剪时被切出。txt文档必须转线条图或描框框。txt文档过度选用运行整体字,若选用会会造成偏旁部首重叠有着乳暗红色联系点。txt文档转成线条图后,需要关注字间或行与行是没有是有跳行或范围内范围内连接起来的错版管理状况。灰红色txt文档过度按照打印上的颜色却。1. The pattern design and text cutting edges on the food bag design scheme must be 1cm apart to prevent being cut out during cutting. The text must turn to a graph or border. The text does not need to apply the operating system word. If it is applied, there will be milky white connection points on the overlapping strokes. After the text is converted into a graph, be sure to pay attention to whether there is line skipping or overlap between words or lines. Grayish black text does not need to be printed.


2、食品饮料袋设计计划书计划书色温不以以屏风或激光彩打机彩打的色温来法律规定,潜在客户制着时一律规范CMYK色谱仪的百分数来确定制着涂颜色。与此同時如有:不类似制作商制作的CMYK色谱仪受并选择的板材、数码打印喷墨墨水类行、礼品盒数码打印本职工作阻力等三要素的导致,一模一样图文会存在不同。2. The color tone of the food bag design scheme cannot be specified by the color tone printed on the screen or copier. Customers must refer to the percentage of CMYK chromatograph to select the color for making. At the same time, please note that CMYK chromatographs produced by different manufacturers are endangered by the selected materials, printing ink types, packaging and printing pressure and other factors, and the same graph will be different.3、同种档食品加工袋结构设计情况报告,在不一般次设计彩色印上时,颜色等等基本均是出现差距,偏饱和度在10%内为任何事物正确(因墨量调控某连续基本均是有不一般而致),大POS标签印上设计设计彩色印上,瞻前顾后,若有旧档要套印,为放置偏色过大,只要可以依照本制造业企业扮演着的手机数码新材料技术色卡。不一般次的标签印上设计设计彩色印上提炼出品所呈现的偏色,必不可当作煺换货塬因。3. For the same food bag design scheme, the color will be different in different times of printing, and the color deviation within 10% is normal (because the ink volume is different every time). For large POS packaging printing, look ahead and back. If there is an old file to be overprinted, in order to prevent excessive color deviation, only the digital technology color card played by the enterprise can be used. The color deviation caused by different packaging and printing finished products cannot be used as a reason for exchange.4、食品原料袋的装修设计格式稿子来进行不需画十字线及裁断线,可以用多个隐型的线型来做为制成規格参数和内出血线92mm×56mm,裁切后为90mm×54mm(即四边各剩下1mm大出血)。若有独家規格参数是需要,请在生产里及所递交的文文件中更是要格外重视取决于。4. There is no need to draw cross lines and cutting lines for the draft of food bag design scheme. Two invisible lines can be used as the manufacturing specification and bleeding line 92mm × 56mm, 90mm after cutting × 54mm (i.e. 1mm bleeding on each side). If there is a need for unique specifications, please specify them in the order and the submitted text documents.5、商品袋制定方案范文底纹视频底色或字体 视频底色调色颜色等等值过度高于10%,以必免外包装刷制作半成品时不上体现出。5. The color value of shading background or text background in the food bag design scheme must not be less than 10% to prevent the finished products from being displayed when packaging and printing.