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礼品盒袋的类有很多很多,各种不一样的货品,实用的礼品盒袋类也各种不一样。吸嘴袋,称得上当下很普遍的某种了。吸嘴袋是在自信袋的条件上经济发展过来的的某种大新的奶茶、水晶果冻礼品盒袋。当今来同时来看看吸嘴袋的设计组建及货品竞争优势。There are many types of packaging bags. Different products use different types of packaging bags. Suction nozzle bag is a common one now. Suction bag is a new kind of beverage and jelly packaging bag developed on the basis of self-supporting bag. Today, let's take a look at the structural composition and product advantages of suction nozzle bag.包装机袋货品优势可言Advantages of packaging bag products吸嘴袋Suction nozzle bag形式组成的:Structure composition:

吸嘴袋的设计基本可分为两这部分:吸嘴和独立自主袋。The structure of suction nozzle bag is mainly divided into two parts: suction nozzle and self-supporting bag.自强自强袋一些与常见的四封边自强自强袋在結构上是共同的但普遍适用pp建筑材料以达到有所差异面制品进行包裝的让。吸嘴一些可作出普遍瓶口加设吸管。两一些紧密配合融入型成支持软件吸食的饮品进行包裝,且会因为是软进行包裝,不的存在吸食困难的的实际情况,粘口后信息物更易晃荡,是种至关好的最新型饮品进行包裝。The structure of self-supporting bag is consistent with that of ordinary four edge self-supporting bag, but composite materials are generally used to meet the requirements of different food packaging. The suction nozzle can be regarded as a general bottle, and a straw is added at the mouth. The two parts are closely combined to form a beverage package supporting smoking. Because it is a soft package, there is no difficulty in smoking, and the contents are not easy to shake after sealing. It is a very ideal new beverage package.厂品优劣势:Product advantages:吸嘴袋相比较于比较常见设计表现形式的好处是在于便携式性。吸嘴袋可简便的放上过飞机安检甚至会口袋怪兽火红内,又很可由于信息内容物的极大减少缩短体积计算,更简便携式带。Compared with common packaging forms, the advantage of suction nozzle bag lies in portability. The suction mouth bag can be conveniently put into the backpack or even pocket, and the volume can be reduced with the reduction of contents, which is more convenient to carry.


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